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welcome to my journal X3

my name is chika. not my real name, but every one has call me like that and i love that name. :3
i'm indonesian. female. forever 17 XD. and my english really crack. :D

as you can see on the banner, this is semi friend journal. i don't like such random added but i like to be friends with every one. i'll post public only for my graphics. feel free add me if you are in the same fandom with me or we know each other in RL. but for those who i don't know i won't add you back if you don't leave comment here. it won't waste your time rite?

comment to be added

just a little intro like your name, fandom, blahblahblahblah

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happy new year!

hoaaaaaa hisashiburiiiii~ haven't been post like--err months months months ago... and because of trhis and that, my english just become worst worst and worst. honestly it's more easy posting with japanese than english for me now =w= that's one of the reason why i haven't posting lately. the other reason is..... now... i don't have internet conncetion on my house /ngakak sejadi2nya/

weel, it's surely tired to talking with english ==a

so for those who add me because my graphic.... am soooo sooooorryy m(_ _)m i don't even know if i can upload it. even i haven't download bunch of new scans =w= poor me okay~

dan untuk kalian kalian kalian yg bisa mengandalkan saya untuk apdetan... gantian ye sekarang~ wakakakakkak donlod jcd aja udah setengah mateng gw ==a belom lagi tiap minggu si hello pro time /ngek

weel, that's all for now.. dekiru kagiri, i'll post ma new graphic asap... after all new year programs downloaded.


happy new year :DD
massu - =w=

happy birthday penguin ♥

omg our cute penguin is 20 now :D and he's still looks like 15 no matter what XDDD

● uta ga dansu mo motto jouzu ni natte
● get a dorama soon
● hopefully your height will gettin taller (even seems impossible ==a)
● have a blast birthday :D

for celebrate it, i decided to make this all :D
[20] icons
[08] wallpapers

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massu - =w=

news individual wallpapers

about tsunami, i don't know what i have to say. just pray for them. it's japan. they will be alright. just thats nuclear ugh!!!!!!! didn't it enough with earthquake and tsunami????? well, despite everthing that happened, i made this wallpapers. not so good though. lack of idea these days :|

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just don't crop it for icon or banner...
massu - =w=

our beloved ero ouji birthday


as a fan i just can hope the best for you. thank you for always makes me smile. thank you for being an idol not a singer XDD so i can see how funny you are XDD /kicked. keep crossdressing, well even i not really like it but it made me laugh very hard XDDD and CUT YOUR HAIR IMMEDIATELY!!! i'll always support you :3 i'll always be your fan~ :3

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG finally i can post my lovely ichiban birthday graphics!!! err, icons... i can't made the time when daiki's and massu's because stupid connection and now i can post it yeah!!! okay~ 23 icons for tego's 23th birthday~

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massu - =w=

news 7th anniversary

look at my new icon~  *tunjuk2 XDD*
TEGOSHI *A* love you so much~ YEAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!!!
tego, massu and ryo gif icon are done. X3 will make the others too~ kei-chan, shige and pi~ X3 and will make some icon from darekiss AAAAAA MIRAI TRY TO KILL ME WITH HIS SWEETNESS


for celebrate it, you can see me already posted some wallpapers at previous entry~ XDD actually i made those all for today but posted it two days earlier~ XDDD (aho)

well~ i can't say any words.. i'm bad with those thingy so just wishing the best for them. and hope they will released a dvd from live concert~ XDDD